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XML Crypto Components for Delphi: Sign, Validate, Encrypt, Decrypt and Timestamp XML Files

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Implement a wide range of security operations in your XML-enabled applications with XML security components.

XMLBlackbox packs the complete set of XML security components allowing developers to implement XML encryption, timestamping, signing and validation functionality in Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android applications in a matter of minutes. The provided XML encryption components allow using password-based, certificate-based and PGP encryption, while XML signing/timestamping components provide certificate-based and PGP-based signing capabilities to your Delphi applications. The secure XML signing VCL supports XAdES functionality, allowing to sign and timestamp XML and binary data.

Additionally XMLBlackbox lets you sign SOAP messages and verify signatures of signed SOAP messages according to WS-Security, SOAP-DSig and XMLDSig standards. And with help of HTTPBlackbox package you can send and receive SOAP requests as well as receive and send SOAP responses.

Download XML Cryptography Components for Delphi

The XMLBlackbox package is an integral part of SecureBlackbox. Download SecureBlackbox (VCL edition) to securely sign and encrypt XML files.

Encrypt XML Files in Delphi

XML encryption components allow using password-based, certificate-based and PGP-based security to encrypt the content of XML documents and binary files. XMLBlackbox integrates support for a wide range of standards, algorithms, RFC’s and protocols to help you start encrypting and decrypting XML files in Delphi applications in a matter of minutes. With XML encryption VCL, you can use X.509 certificates, OpenPGP keys or RSA keys to encrypt XML files and binary data.

Timestamp XML Files, Add Signing and Validation Functionality to Delphi Applications

XML signing components allow using can use X.509 certificates, OpenPGP keys or RSA keys to securely sign and validate XML files. In addition, XMLBlackbox includes XML timestamping components allowing developers certify time and date when the signature is added. XAdES standard (all profiles) is supported as well.

Why Choose XMLBlackbox over Competing XML Encryption and XML Signing Components

  • Sign and encrypt XML documents with, X.509 certificates, OpenPGP keys or RSA keys;
  • Sign and verify SOAP messages;
  • XML signing components support private keys stored on USB crypto tokens and smartcards;
  • XML timestamping components add the ability to certify the moment the signature is applied (according to XAdES standard);
  • All-in-one solution: no need to use other XML components with built-in DOM XML parser and writer with XPath support;
  • Royalty-free license;
  • Comprehensive technical support and assistance with your project available from the day you download the free evaluation version.
Complete list of features.

Download SecureBlackbox (VCL edition), an all-in-one security toolbox that includes XML encryption, decryption, timestamping, signing and validation components for Delphi.

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