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Add SSH and SFTP client and server functions to your Windows or Linux application

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Implement secure file transfers with SFTP components for Delphi.

The SFTP VCL allows building SFTP client and server applications for Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android, giving your applications the ability to securely download and upload files and manage files and directories in a secure manner. With SFTP components, your application will be able to perform a range of remote file operations over an SSH secured connection, including the ability to create, delete and rename files and directories on remote SSH servers, list directory structure. SFTPBlackbox includes implementations of both SSH and SFTP protocols, allowing developers to build SSH and SFTP servers and client applications.

Download SSH and SFTP Components for Delphi

The SFTPBlackbox package is an integral part of SecureBlackbox. Download SecureBlackbox (VCL edition) to implement SSH and SFTP protocols in Delphi to build client and server applications for Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android.

SFTP or FTPS Components?

Both SFTP and FTPS protocols help achieving essentially the same goal of securing file transfer operations. However, the two protocols are designed and implemented differently, and are not compatible or interchangeable. FTPS (FTP-over-SSL, RFC 2228) secures file transfer operations by establishing an FTP connection over a secure SSL/TLS tunnel, while SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is an extension of Secure Shell (SSH2) family of protocols.
As the two file transfer protocols are not interchangeable, you will be using different components to implement support for either or both protocols in your applications. SFTPBlackbox (this page) implements the SFTP protocol, while the FTPS protocol is implemented with a corresponding FTPS component, FTPSBlackbox. Both secure FTP components for Delphi are included with SecureBlackbox.

Why Choose SFTPBlackbox over Competing SFTP Delphi Components

  • Designed to minimize development time;
  • Implements standard-compliant secure file transfers in minutes;
  • SSH/SFTP components offer complete control over SFTP and SSH layers;
  • The SFTP library includes SSH and SFTP VCL at no extra charge;
  • Includes client and server functionality in a single SSH/SFTP Delphi package;
  • Strict standard compliance enables seamless file transfers between your and third-party applications implementing SSH and SFTP protocols;
  • Access to low-level functions for many types of file and directory operations on remote file system;
  • SFTP components support wildcards (batch upload/download with masks);
  • Support for modern SSH encryption algorithms including AES, Blowfish and Twofish;
  • Native VCL implementation with no external third-party binaries or references;
  • Includes the ability to create and manage SSH keys;
  • Royalty-free licensing;
  • Comprehensive technical support and assistance with your project available from the day you download the free evaluation version.
Complete list of features.

Download SecureBlackbox (VCL edition), an all-in-one security toolbox including SSH and SFTP VCL components for your Windows, macOS and Linux applications.

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