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Implement comprehensive cryptography, security and protected file transfer functionality with ready-made native Delphi components.

Whether you are looking for data encryption, document signing or network transfer, SecureBlackbox has a component to accomplish your task. SecureBlackbox assembles a range of highly integrated Delphi components into an all-in-one security package. All components are native Delphi, have no third-party binaries or references, and no reliance on Windows CryptoAPI. The included security components implement a wide range of application-level protocols, cryptographic and security algorithms and standards. SecureBlackbox allows developing Windows, MacOS and Linux applications implementing secure file transfers, encryption, secure signing, timestamping and validation functionality, secure shell operations, certificate management and Public Key Infrastructure operations.

Why Choose SecureBlackbox over Competing Security Components

  • Tight integration. SecureBlackbox is a highly comprehensive and tightly integrated security solution for Delphi covering all popular application-level communication protocols, security algorithms and standards. A single collection of Delphi VCL components allows building client and server applications implementing secure file transfers, file encryption and signing, certificate management and remote shell access;
  • Regular maintenance. SecureBlackbox is reviewed, maintained and improved on a regular basis and based on your feedback to guarantee strict compliance with latest published specifications, standards and RFCs;
  • Supported solution. Our valued customers receive comprehensive technical support and free assistance implementing our solutions in their projects since the moment they download the free evaluation version;
  • Thoroughly tested and highly dependable. We are making the Delphi source code available for comprehensive security review;
  • True security. You are getting security components from the source. We specialize in computer security, and know everything about the standards, algorithms and protocols we are using.
  • Strict compliance with all relevant standards. The highest level of standard-compliance enables seamless interoperability between applications using SecureBlackbox and other popular Delphi security components;
  • Cross-platform compatibility. Our Delphi security components are native VCL, have no third-party binaries or external references, and do not rely on Windows CryptoAPI. This allows building secure Delphi applications for Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android without re-writing the code;
  • Royalty-free licensing allows your organization using our Delphi security components in multiple projects and in different types of projects.

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