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Comprehensive components for digital security and secure data transfer

SecureBlackbox is an integrated suite of carefully crafted classes which you use in development of software for desktop and server platforms, as well as mobile devices and web applications.

C++ edition can be used in C++ applications for Windows, Linux, macOS and iOS platforms. It consists of a shared library (DLL in Windows, .so on Linux and macOS) and set of C++ classes. On iOS everything is compiled into a single static library. Supported compilers include Visual C++, MinGW, gcc and Xcode.

Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the library are available on all supported platforms.

SecureBlackbox Is

  • comprehensive solution that covers all popular application-level Internet protocols and security algorithms and standards. From low-level encryption algorithms to sophisticated digital signature standards with timestamping and archiving to secure cloud-based data storages to secure file transfer, you get all cryptography-based libraries in one pack.
  • maintained solution which is reviewed and improved on a regular basis to guarantee reliable security and highest possible speed of operations.
  • supported solution that gives you, our valued customer, insurance of getting free assistance when you use the components and when you need to address some problem.
  • reliable solution that offers its source code for security review. Strict conformance to standards and easy-to-use interfaces guarantee that the otherwise complicated task of providing true security is easy to accomplish with SecureBlackbox.

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