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SecureBlackbox is a suite of software components that allows developers to add strong security to their applications to protect binary data, files, documents and e-mails.

SecureBlackbox includes authentic implementations (no 3rd-party code used) of various data security standards and network communication protocols for various platforms (Windows, .NET, Linux, macOS / iOS, Java / Android).

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Special offer: Purchase a license for SecureBlackbox Professional or SecureBlackbox Standard and get a free license for Solid File System Application Edition, Lite package for all platforms.

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Distributed Crypto modules let web site visitors use certificates accessible only on the client system to sign the data, stored on the server (no need to download this data).
This is done with help of client-side modules, embedded into the web page. SecureBlackbox offers Java applet, ActiveX control and Flash applet out of the box and you can create your own modules.

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