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Articles, tutorials, how-to's about SecureBlackbox

Securing your client-server or multi-tier application.

Introductory article about security and encryption in distributed applications.

Introduction to SSL

General description of SSL/TLS protocol

Introduction to SSH

General information about SSH protocol

Introduction to Certificates (common)

General introduction to X.509 certificates

Certificate basics (technical)

Technical description of X.509 certificates

Building user authentication systems for client-server environments.

The article reviews using X.509 certificates for user authentication.

Benchmarking your SSL- or SSH-enabled communications.

The article reviews the method of proper benchmarking your SSL- or SSH-enabled communications.

SSH Authentication methods

The article describes various methods of server and client authentication, used in SSH protocol.

Virtualized file access in SecureBlackbox

The article describes how SecureBlackbox works with files and how the files can be kept to avoid storing them on the disk.

Validation of certificates in SecureBlackbox (mini-FAQ)

The article describes how certificate validation in SecureBlackbox is done with help of TElX509CertificateValidator class.


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