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Download and try the extensive library for digital security and secure data transfer on Android

SecureBlackbox product diagram

With SecureBlackbox you get over 200 security and networking classes for all aspects of digital security of your Android application.

Whether you are looking for data encryption, document signing or network transfer, SecureBlackbox has a class to accomplish your task. SecureBlackbox supports all major security standards, encryption algorithms and security and network protocols used in IT industry nowadays. All of them are available for your Android applications written in Java.

Download Android Security Library

SecureBlackbox is an integrated Java and Android security library. Download SecureBlackbox (Java edition) to implement industry-standard security in your client and server Android applications.
If you are using .NET and Xamarin.Android (previously known as Xamarin.Android) toolkit, you can Download SecureBlackbox (.NET edition) as well.
Delphi / VCL users can use NG edition of SecureBlackbox to add security to their Delphi Mobile applications for Android.

SecureBlackbox packages

SecureBlackbox classes are grouped into about 20 packages available for licensing separately or in one of combined packs. Download and install all packages in one archive, then use, deploy and license only those classes and packages that you need.


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