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SDK - cross-platform synchronization framework for your applications

Rethync SDK is a cross-platform connection-agnostic framework designed to simplify synchronizing data between mobile and desktop applications and servers and cloud storages.

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Pre-release:  1.0.3
05 June 2015

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Save time for business logic

You have created a great multiplatform application and now you need to synchronize data between platforms. Great! But seemingly simple, synchronization can become a complex thing to implement, especially when it comes to transports, error recovery, data conversion etc. . Rethync SDK lets you concentrate on business logic of your application, addressing many aspects of synchronization internally.

Synchronize information in heterogeneous environments

With Rethync SDK you can quickly add synchronization of data between your applications running on different platforms, be it mobile devices, desktop computers, server systems or even cloud storages. The API is offered for various platforms and development languages, from PHP to Java and .NET to iOS and Windows Phone.

Integrate the API easily

Unlike other similar solutions, Rethync SDK concentrates knowledge and years of experience of component developers to offer you simple yet powerful API for binding Rethync to your application.

Control and extend the API

Rethync SDK was designed for pluggable transport and data provider architecture. Thus you can create your own transport components and synchronize various types of data kept in various data storages.

For more technical details about Rethync SDK, refer to the detailed specs or download your own copy to use Rethync for free.


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