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Your Application Gets Full Control Over File System Calls At A Boot Time

London, UK – July 7, 2009 – EldoS announces today the new release of of its unique software component for control over file activity. EldoS CallbackFilter component allows your software to get control over all file system calls before they are executed. The market is full of components that implement file operations monitoring only. CallbackFilter gives your application much more freedom. It is based on proprietary kernel-level technologies providing unprecedented flexibility and speed. The new CallbackFilter version 2.0 starts working at boot time making possible to intercept the very first calls to file system. In addition, two more important features are introduced.

CallbackFilter component provides low-level code that dramatically accelerates implementation of secure flexible file management solutions for your data monitoring or file protection applications. Every application that requires establishment of full control over file system calls will benefit from this out-of-the-box solution from EldoS. Experienced software developers and even novices get easy to use instrument for implementation of full timely control over files system calls execution, modification, substitution or even cancellation, regardless of intrinsic Windows limitations.

“As a company providing security solutions and kernel-mode drivers for software developers, we are always keeping in touch with developers community. This gives us an ability to create new products covering their actual needs. The requests for enhancement of CallbackFilter functionality were coming from people who need to implement Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology which tracks and regulates file updates. CallbackFilter is a crucial technology for people developing applications which track access to certain files, encrypt and decrypt files on demand when access is granted, and which give file access rights only to predefined applications. Now we added three very important and awaited functionalities. With CallbackFilter 2.0 developers can set on-boot rules, which can be used to block access to certain files or directories even when controlling application is not running yet. The second brilliant feature is possibility to create multiple filters for several applications. With CallbackFilter 2.0 your application becomes really pro-active.”, -- says Eugene Mayevski, EldoS CTO.

An attempt to implement solutions, controlling all aspects of operations on files and folders, faces serious difficulties imposed by Windows operating system. You can only control changes to files status periodically, after file system operation has been already completed. There is no easy way to intercept or change operation parameters before it is executed or to take any actions before execution completes. Such post factum control is almost always inefficient and often unacceptable. To overcome this, the solution must act on the file system level. CallbackFilter 2.0 component includes kernel-mode driver acting as a layer between file system and logical disk. Thus, CallbackFilter 2.0 provides a legitimate and highly efficient way to perform such operations. Only about five lines of code are to be added to your application in order to implement some of functionalities.

The new features put you in control immediately at the boot time, making possible deployment of efficient countermeasures against any software trying to intercept or execute file system calls during booting. I.e., even if your application has not been yet launched at a boot time, the control over files will be already established by CallbackFilter kernel-mode driver. Therefore, you can be sure that not a single file system call will escape your attention since the moment of operation system loading.

The previous version of CallbackFilter imposed a limitation on applications: only one set of filters could have been activated at a time. Now this restriction is removed. With CallbackFilter 2.0, the software you develop will be able to create multiple filters, and, therefore, implement various checks, monitoring and control abilities in different parts of your application(s). Moreover, now you can even develop and launch several applications based on a single CallbackFilter kernel mode driver.

It is difficult to downplay the convenience of post-processing of events resulting in renaming, copying and relocating files. Now developers are able to implement their callbacks for CanFileBeDeleted and RenamOrMove operations with ease. EldoS Corporation made sure that the new version of CallbackFilter provides maximal flexibility and convenience for developers.

CallbackFilter is the part of product line-up including Callback File System component for remote data representation as local files and folders, and CallbackDisk component for custom virtual disks software development. Additional information and free trial download can be found at EldoS Corporation website.

About EldoS Corporation

EldoS Corporation focuses on developing security, communication and driver-based software solutions. The software offered by EldoS Corporation is used in over 70 countries on 5 continents by a number of small to large-scale companies and organizations, including financial institutes and military.

Key product families include:

  • BizCrypto - set of data transfer and security adapters for business integration platforms
  • SecureBlackbox – software component suite for data security and encryption
  • Callback File System – software component for representing remote data as local files and folders
  • Solid File System – advanced file system for secure documents and files storage development
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