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SecureBlackbox for Developers Provides Elliptic Curve Cryptography

London, UK – November 26, 2008 – EldoS Corporation announces today the release of new version of its popular software component for developers. Version 6.1 of SecureBlackbox for Developers now offers the most current secure encryption algorithm (ECDSA) and key agreement protocol (ECDH) based on elliptic curves. The new technology makes possible more reliable and efficient key generation and information encryption. Addition of most innovative technologies in the field makes SecureBlackbox for Developers the leader in security software components market.

“Elliptic Curves (EC) are the latest development in commercially available cryptography. Without going into mathematical details, I would like to point out that the key length for EC cryptography can be made much shorter when asymmetric keys in current use today, while maintaining the same level of security”, – said Eugene Mayevski, CTO of EldoS Corporation. “The ECDSA algorithm we implement in SecureBlackbox is an improvement of popular DSA and is currently recommended by governments of many countries. Not offering these algorithm was not an option to us.”

The ECDSA algorithm is indeed a subject of ANSI X9.62-2 standard and United States Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS 186-3. In SecureBlakbox for Developers it is implemented in conjunction with very efficient and secure ECDH key agreement protocol, making man-in-the-middle attacks impossible. It significantly simplifies and improves secure data exchanges.

Other improvements are more loyal treatment of input data with recognition of non-standard fields, preservation of creation, access and last file modification times after download using SFTP, improved interaction with SSH-servers, including non-standard ones such as Roumen Petrov X.509 patch. Compatibility with other products was also significantly upgraded: with Bit4id tokens in PKIBlackbox; support for encrypted messages, generated by oldPGP software in OpenPGPBlackbox; MDP compatibility with Adobe Acrobat products, handling of documents generated by Oracle PDF Driver, and automatic correction of erroneously specified hashing algorithms in PDFBlackbox.

Overall, the newly released Version 6.1 of SecureBlackbox for Developers by EldoS Corporation makes data encryption and decryption, secure storage and transfer, authentication and integrity checks even more reliable and modern. Use of this software component will help to bring customer software products in line with modern market demands for unbreakable security and absolute reliability.

To review the features of the developers' version of SecureBlackbox, please visit http://www.eldos.com/sbbdev/

About EldoS Corporation

EldoS Corporation focuses on development of security, communication and driver-based software components. The software offered by EldoS Corporation is used in over 70 countries on 5 continents, by a number of small to large-scale companies and organizations, including financial institutes and military organizations.

Key product families are:

  • SecureBlackbox – the software component suite for security and encryption
  • Callback File System - the software API and kernel-mode drivers for virtual file system development
  • Solid File System – the advanced file system for secure data storage
Mailing address: EldoS Corporation, 2nd Floor, 145-157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PY, United Kingdom. Sales department phone: +44-203-355-5036

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As of July 15, 2016 EldoS business operates as a division of /n software, inc. For more information, please read the announcement.

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