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EldoS Corporation solves the problem of raw access to disk sectors in Windows Vista and XP

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EldoS Corporation solves the problem of raw access to disk sectors in Windows Vista and XP.

Contact: Eugene Mayevski
e-mail: info@eldos.com

EldoS Corporation has announced the release of its specialized driver, for XP and Vista operating systems, which lets the developers of various system utilities work around the limitations imposed by XP and Vista on direct disk access.

The new security model of Windows Vista puts tight restrictions on applications executed in user mode. Even with elevated administrative rights, the application can’t get write access to raw disk sectors. Without administrative rights, NO raw disk access is allowed in Vista or XP.

EldoS RawDisk provides functionality to directly access logical and physical disks for both reading and writing. This functionality is available on Windows XP and Windows Vista for applications running under administrative or even limited accounts.

"We have developed kernel-mode drivers for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. Demand for such a solution is high, because preparing the applications for Windows Vista appeared to be a daunting task for many developers”, - said Eugene Mayevski, CTO of EldoS Corporation. “Many system utilities stopped working under the new operating system. No solution for the problem was yet offered by Microsoft. For the majority of developers of various utility applications, creation of their own kernel-mode driver is not possible, as it requires the presence of special qualifications and investment of time.”

EldoS Corporation cares about the security of end-user systems, so their policy is that RawDisk is offered only to established businesses who have already released their software to the software market. To purchase a developer license for RawDisk, the licensee must contact EldoS Corporation and provide information about the product, and the ways in which RawDisk is to be used. However, the sample application, which illustrates the work of RawDisk, is available as a free download from the company web site (http://www.eldos.com/rawdisk/).

About EldoS Corporation

EldoS Corporation focuses on development of security and low-level system software components. The software offered by EldoS Corporation is used in over 70 countries on 5 continents, and by a number of small to large-scale companies and organizations, including financial and military institutions.

Key product families are:

  • SecureBlackbox – the software component suite for security and encryption;
  • Solid File System – the advanced file system for low-level and embedded development;
  • MsgConnect – cross-platform communication suite for secure data exchange

Mailing address: EldoS Corporation, 2nd Floor, 145-157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PY, United Kingdom.

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As of July 15, 2016 EldoS business operates as a division of /n software, inc. For more information, please read the announcement.

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