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Where is phone support?

Our clients often ask this question. Here are the answers.

Sales-related and non-technical support

We recognize the importance for you to talk to a real person when you make a purchasing decision. Our experience shows that the majority of sales-related questions is about prices, licensing terms and offered support options. The answers to most of those questions include numbers (prices, discounts and discount coupons) and URLs (licensing terms, package types, ordering pages, price list etc). This is the type of information that should, and often must, be put in writing. Having this information in writing and not spoken will ensure correctness of the given information and will provide a reference for future use. This is why we offer Live Chat as an alternative to phone conversation.

To re-state the above, our corporate policy is to have a recorded track of all business communications.

Technical support

We believe that you, as most developers, want to get first-class support. And the best technical support is always provided by people directly involved in the development of the product. Here in EldoS Corporation technical support is provided by developers who partaken in the development of the product you are asking about. You don't need to have long talks to outsourced call-centers that were only trained to pick up the phone. Due to the specifics of our products you always talk to developers. And developers in most cases need to know details about the problem. This can be detailed information about your environment, some code snippets, screenshots etc.. Again, this information can't be passed in phone communication. And when the information is gathered, some time is needed to work on the issue and give an answer and, if needed, a solution. This is why we use Forums and Helpdesk. One more reason for using web-based communications is possibility to put the question on hold if you need. And when you need to get back to the problem later, you have the complete record of all communications at hand.

With the above factors taken into consideration, we decided that phone support option wold not help and instead would make the problem solving procedure longer. That's why we offer web-based ways of communication.

To summarize, here are the key factors of choosing web-based communications:

  • reliability and convenience
  • direct communication with developers and decision-makers
  • possibility to work on the problem when it's convenient for you with easy resumption of your work at the point where it was left
  • no need to restate your problem again and again to different people


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As of July 15, 2016 EldoS business operates as a division of /n software, inc. For more information, please read the announcement.

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