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15 April 2014

Solid File System 5.0 has been updated with minor fixes and improvements.
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09 April 2014

None of our products use OpenSSL. Please find all details in the statement.
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29 March 2014

New maintenance update to SecureBlackbox 11 contains improvements and fixes in most SecureBlackbox packages.
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19 March 2014

The software of EldoS Corporation now must not be exported, imported and used in Russia.
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10 March 2014

Solid File System 5.0 (OS Edition) for Linux is available. Supported platforms include x86- and x64-based Linux distributions.
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09 March 2014

Beta version of SecureBlackbox 12 is available for download and testing.
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05 March 2014

Released Callback File System version 5.1.146 features improved interface for enumerating the files opened on the virtual disk by different processes.
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24 February 2014

New build of CallbackFilter 3 is available for download.
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18 February 2014

The article in NetSecurity magazine describes problems of cloud-based data storage in regards to security of the stored data.
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17 February 2014

CallbackDisk version 3.1.99 is available for download and use.
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