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02 December 2014

The "Share with the World: who reads my data in the cloud?" article covers the topic of avoiding the risks related to use of clouds for data storage. It is a reprint of the article by Ken Ivanov, originally published in NetSecurity magazine.
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20 November 2014

EldoS Corporation addresses have been changed.
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15 November 2014

CryptoBlackbox, a free package of SecureBlackbox that included cryptographic functionality, X.509 certificate management, certificate-based signing and encryption, timestamping and certificate validation, has been discontinued.
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28 October 2014

Security update to SecureBlackbox 12 contains anti-POODLE measures in SSL/TLS and other important changes.
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27 October 2014

The article describes what should be adjusted in the code that uses SSL/TLS components of SecureBlackbox to counteract so-called POODLE attack. Read the article.
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20 October 2014

The article discusses how technically valid certificates can be fake, what certificate pinning is and how it helps ensure authenticity of web sites and other servers. Read the article.
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16 October 2014

The advisory discusses the nature of so-called POODLE attack and scope of its applicability to SecureBlackbox. Read the security advisory.
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07 October 2014

The final Release version of CallbackRegistry, our new product for interception of registry operations, is available for use.
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24 September 2014

Solid File System 5.0 has been updated with minor fixes and improvements.
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18 September 2014

The article on our site describes how to setup SSL/TLS so that it provides maximum security possible.
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