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Regarding SecureBlackbox 15 and Dropbox API support

SecureBlackbox update 15.1.304 (23/05/2017) introduces a major breaking change to CloudBlackbox Dropbox connectivity components (TElDropboxDataStorage and related classes). Please read further to learn more about the changes.

Following expected migration of Dropbox services from API 1.0 to API 2.0, with the final switch between the two announced for 28/06/2017, we are rolling out the updated version of Dropbox components, starting with SecureBlackbox update 15.1.304. As the update may affect existing SecureBlackbox-driven implementations, and is particularly important for those consuming the Dropbox functionality, we are providing some guidance on the way it should be applied and used. If you are using SecureBlackbox Dropbox functionality in your project and are in the process of migrating to Dropbox API 2.0 (whichever version, 15 or 16, you are on), please read on.

Taking into account the scale and nature of differences between Dropbox API
1.0 and API 2.0, we decided to implement support for API 2.0 as a *brand new
component* rather than making changes to existing component. At the same time, the updated component was carefully designed to require as little effort as possible to integrate into any existing API 1.0-component-driven projects. One of our goals was to enable parallel use of both 1.0 and 2.0 components within the same project to allow for smoother transitions.

Basic facts about the change:

- All Dropbox API 1.0 components were renamed by appending the V1 suffix (TElDropboxDataStorageV1, TElDropboxDataStorageObjectV1, TElDropboxAccountInfoV1, EElDropboxDataStorageErrorV1), and moved to a different unit/namespace (SBDropboxDataStorageV1).

- Dropbox API 2.0 components were placed to the original SBDropboxDataStorage namespace and assigned with the original names (TElDropboxDataStorage, TElDropboxDataStorageObject etc.). As the interfaces of the new components differ, you are likely to get compilation errors after updating to 15.1.304 and not altering the uses/using clause and variable declarations.

- You can use both sets of components at the same time by referencing appropriate namespaces (SBDropboxDataStorage for API 2.0,
SBDropboxDataStorageV1 for API 1.0) and declaring objects of appropriate types.

- To quick-fix existing Dropbox API 1.0 implementations after updating to 15.1.304, change SBDropboxDataStorage to SBDropboxDataStorageV1 in your uses/using clause, and any declarations like TElDropboxDataStorage to TElDropboxDataStorageV1.

Please note that API 2.0 differs significantly from API 1.0, and so may require some effort to transition. In particular, Dropbox replaces the flat object scheme with more filesystem-like. As a result, we had to split TElDropboxDataStorageObject into several descendants corresponding to specific object types (files, folders, shared objects, deleted files). A number of access-specific components have also been added.

While the documentation may be slightly lagging behind, we are including an API 2.0 sample with this update of SecureBlackbox. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our experienced support team.

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