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Rethync beta 2 is available

We are happy to announce availability of the second beta version of our new product, Rethync SDK! Now it comes with PHP code package.

Rethync SDK is a cross-platform synchronization framework that solves the complex task of synchronizing uniform data between two or more systems. Rethync lets you synchronize mobile devices, desktop systems, various servers and cloud services. Rethync includes built-in transports for data transfer and lets you easily create your own transports, which can be network, Bluetooth or pigeon mail if you wish.

While Rethync SDK provides a framework, you have complete control over what data are synchronize and which way they go. You define where the data are taken from and where they are stored.

Rethync SDK can be used in .NET, Java, PHP and VCL applications (C++ code package to be available later) on Windows, Linux, MacOS X, Android and any platforms that support Java.

Rethync SDK is free for use in any type of projects, and will remain free in future. At the same time, it's a supported solution, in the same way as other our products.

Take a free copy of Rethync SDK Beta and send us your feedback via Rethync forum.

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