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Information about Windows 8 support in our products

EldoS Corporation is fully committed to providing first-class support of upcoming Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server operating systems in company products.

First, a bit of technical information that affects our products. As you know, Windows 8 will offer two different incompatible API sets: common Win32 API and new WinRT API. WinRT API is simplified and aimed to be used primarily for Internet-enabled lightweight applications including the ones for Tablets (both Intel- and ARM-based). As such, WinRT is missing some important functionality. First of all, as it happened with original Windows Phone 7 release, WinRT API is completely missing TCP socket support. Yes, for Internet applications there's no network support. The only available transport is HTTP. Second missing part if full-scale filesystem access.

While all of our products will support Widows 8 as soon possible (see details below), above shortcomings of WinRT API make it harder for us to provide some or most of functionality of our products under WinRT API.

Our flagship product, SecureBlackbox, will support both Win32 and WinRT APIs in .NET edition of upcoming version 10 of the product. VCL and ActiveX editions remain to be Win32-based for a moment (in future we expect that update of backend compiler and libraries will let us deliver WinRT versions as well). Java edition in SecureBlackbox 10 interacts with Windows Certificate Storage and PKCS#11 modules and this part of functionality is also bound to Win32 API. In .NET edition for WinRT certain socket-related functionality will be limited or not directly available. We expect that Microsoft adds socket support to WinRT in one of future updates of Windows 8, and then we will be able to complete SecureBlackbox for WinRT with socket-based operations

MsgConnect 2, which is to become available this summer, will support only Win32 API, as it is bound to lots of Win32 APIs which have no WinRT equivalents (memory-mapped files, sockets).

Virtual Storage line of our products (CallbackDisk, Callback File System, CallbackFilter, Solid File System OS edition) and RawDisk will also support Win32 API of Windows 8. Preliminary tests expose that products work fine on Windows 8, and only minor glitches are observed. Those glitches will be fixed until Windows 8 release.

Solid File System Application edition will support WinRT API in Windows 8 in upcoming version 5 of SolFS product.

SFTP Net Drive, our free application, will remain Win32-powered, and will work on Windows 8.

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As of July 15, 2016 EldoS business operates as a division of /n software, inc. For more information, please read the announcement.

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