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Ann: Upcoming availability of SolFS for vinyl disks

As you know, SolFS is a virtual file system, which can store it's container anywhere, be it hard drive, memory, database records etc. CD-ROM is not an exception as well. In SolFS 5, which is planned for release in May or June (as our developers allow), we will add explicit support for vinyl disks.

Vinyl disks where a popular medium for audio recording for over a century. Even now audiophiles prefer vinyl to CD-ROMs due to vinyl's softer and more natural sound. So why not use them for secure data as well, especially as CD-ROMs being very similar to vinyl in terms of recording principles are supported? But writing digital data to vinyl can be tricky.

We have invented a scheme for encrypting the digital data and embedding it into voice and music recording. This would allow us keep digital data within analog recordings and recover this data even when analog signal loses quality.

At the moment, as the patent for such encoding is pending, we can't disclose the details of operations, but SolFS 5 customers will be able to get the implementation and it's source code as well with their licenses.

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