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cross-platform communication framework for your applications

MsgConnect is a cross-platform protocol-independent communication framework designed to simplify the task of building peer-to-peer and client-server applications and middleware components.

How to order

  1. Learn what the license includes
  2. Get the price
  3. Place the order

The license gives you

  • the right to use and distribute the product or it's parts according to the chosen license agreement;
  • complete source code of chosen code package(s) (source code is not included in ActiveX and DLL code packages);
  • free standard support for the lifetime of the product (see support policy for details);
  • free code updates until release of version 2.0 and significant discounts on next major version. Ultimate license and Lifetime Free Upgrades licensing option give you free updates for the lifetime of the product;
  • free additional modules;

How to get the price

To review the base prices for various licenses and place the order, please see the base price list.


EldoS Corporation offers you a discount or rebate on any license for our development products, in exchange to the Use Case text that you create. Read more...

For information about discounts provided to Educational and Non-profit organizations and institutions see Non-profit licensing page.

Place the order

Just order: Place the order online using price list.
Learn details first: Please see detailed information about ordering process. This information includes description of alternative ordering and payment methods, information about delivery and refunds and other important information about purchasing licenses from EldoS Corporation.


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As of July 15, 2016 EldoS business operates as a division of /n software, inc. For more information, please read the announcement.

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