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Sending messages via TCP - MsgConnect™

As you know, TCP is a stream-oriented protocol. This means, that whatever you send to the connected TCP socket gets merged into a single stream of data. On the other hand, large block of data can be splitted into several smaller chunks of data that your application will receive separately.

While stream-oriented approach is easy to use when you send large amounts of data, it can become a problem, when your high-level protocol includes exchange of separate "messages". In fact, most application-level protocols use messages of some kind. And every implementation of such protocols needs to deal with messages being merged or split.

If you are developing a client-server or distributed system with custom data exchange protocol, MsgConnect™ will help you by providing a message-oriented transport for your custom protocol. Moreover, MsgConnect offers transparent compression and encryption of the messages. And that's not all: with MsgConnect you get support for SOCKS and HTTP proxies, additional transport types (UDP, memory-mapped files) and more...

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