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What does Commercial License include?

Commercial license includes:
  • the right to use MsgConnect in applications, that are distributed not (or not only) under GPL license;
  • free access to updates for one year from the date of registration or until MsgConnect 2.0 is released (whatever comes first);
  • complete source code of chosen code package(s) (source code is not included in ActiveX and DLL code packages);
  • 50% discount on next major release (2.0) when it is available;
  • free premium support for one year from the date of registration (you can extend this period later);
  • priority processing of requests for new features or custom development;
  • Additional modules and classes. Currently this includes transformer classes only, but in future all advanced functionality (like SSL support, advanced transports etc.) will be released under Commercial License.

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As of July 15, 2016 EldoS business operates as a division of /n software, inc. For more information, please read the announcement.

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