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When can I use MsgConnect for free?

MsgConnect can be used without commercial license registration only for evaluation Any other use requires registering a commercial license. Prices are listed on Order page.
Evaluation process includes studying the source code, creation of testing software, benchmarking operations performed by The Software and other activity intended to expose features and abilities of The Software. Evaluation process does not include shipping of your product to customers for use or further distribution.
If your application is distributed under double license (GPL + anything else), GPL license for MsgConnect can not be applied as it will conflict with second license of your application. In this case you need to purchase Commercial License.
Starting from version 1.3 GPL license is only applicable for code, targeted for Unix/Linux platforms. This includes C++ code package for various Linux/Unix and Pascal code package for Linux. On these platforms GPL license can be applied when you release your application in complete source code and free of any charge according to GNU General Public License (GPL).

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