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What transports does MsgConnect use for data transfer?

There are several transports available:
  • Direct transport used to send loopback messages and messages to other threads of the same process.
  • MMF (memory-mapped file) transport. It offers a handy way for communicating between processes running on the same system. It is especially useful when you need control or exchange data with Windows services and GUI frontends.
  • Socket (TCP) transport. This is one of the most powerful and useful transports. It lets you connect different csystems across networks. TCP transport maintains connection and thread pools, supports automatical connecting and disconnecting of clients and much more.
  • HTTP transport. It is very much similar to Socket transport, but uses standard HTTP format (POST requests) when sending messages. This allows to connect cell-phones and PDAs to servers via HTTP proxy.
  • UDP transport. This simple transport is mainly used for communicating within LAN, to discover available services across network and to stream multimedia data across network.
Infrared and Bluetooth transports are in development now.
Creating other custom transports on your request is possible upon request from registered users of Commercial License.

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