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How is MsgConnect compared to known middleware such as RemObjects, Asta or kbmMW?

As described, MsgConnect is a pure message-oriented middleware, suitable for any kind of task using both client-server and peer-to-peer concepts. Most of existing middleware packages are designed for some particular task. For example, Asta and kbmMW are mostly DB-oriented. RemObjects is targeted at remote method invokation (RMI). They are all designed for client-server architecture.

It is relatively easy to use MsgConnect for any process that involves remote task execution, be it DB query or simple request/responce. If needed, one can build something like RemObjects or kbmMW on top of MsgConnect (and to prove it, we created transport for RemObjects, which is included into the distribution). On the contrary, it's very hard to build a scalable peer-to-peer system with load balancing and request forwarding using the above tools.

You also need to remember, that MsgConnect is cross-platform and is available for platforms where none of the mentioned middleware packages work.

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