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How is MsgConnect compared to other similar technologies?

From technical point of view MsgConnect can be compared first of all to Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) and Java MEssaging Queue (JMQ).
The key differences that distinguish MsgConnect from the mentioned technologies are
  • While MSMQ and JMQ work only on Windows and Java respectively, MsgConnect is cross-platform and works on different platforms from servers to desktops to PDAs and cell-phones;
  • MsgConnect was designed to work in both client-server and peer-to-peer modes;
  • If necessary, MsgConnect can be easily extended to support new information delivery and processing methods which are better suited for your particular needs;
  • Unlike MSMQ MsgConnect is a simple and easy to use framework that provides basic functionality, on top of which you can build customized systems. Such things as message routing and transaction support are left for application level implementations;
  • JMQ can transfer text messages or serialized objects. MsgConnect can be used to transfer any data. Serialization of objects is done on application level, and this allows better flexibility;
  • MsgConnect can work in peer-to-peer mode and unlike MSMQ it doesn't require installing and configuring servers;
  • MsgConnect (commercial and GPL licenses) is shipped in source-code form so you always know what goes on behind the scenes. You can even modify it to fit your needs better.

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