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MsgConnect additional modules

MsgConnect is available under terms of different licenses, in particular GPL, MCL and Middleware license.

Users who obtained MsgConnect according to MCL or developer's license can get additional ready-to-use modules which provide transparent or semi-transparent encryption, compression and integrity checking functionality. We also offer SSL modules for secure socket connection.


Encryption modules are used secure the data being transferred including the message itself and its associated data. Encryption modules use industry-standard algorithms to preform encryption.

Right now the only encryption module available is AES encryption. This module utilizes Rijndael encryption algorithm and lets you specify 16-, 24- or 32-byte keys for each message recepient.


Compression modules are used to reduce the size of the messages being sent and to make peeping into the message internals harder.

You can use standard ZLib compression to pack your data with ZLib compression module.

Integrity checking

Integrity modules are used to check integrity of the message being transferred. They are used together with encryption and/or compression modules to ensure that the data were not modified and that the key used during decryption was correct (encryption modules don't provide integrity checking).

Currently there are CRC32, Adler32 and MD5 integrity checking modules available.


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