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Oxygene for iOS support?

Posted: 05/29/2013 13:28:47
by Brian Prothero (Basic support level)
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I am writing an application for the iPhone using RemObject's Oxygene for Cocoa. Oxygene allows a developer to write apps for Windows Phone, Android and iPhone/iPad (iOS) using a Pascal based programming language. Oxygene for Cocoa uses the native Cocoa Touch iPhone controls and libraries using the same interface as native object-c language with xCode. Oxygene for Cocoa will use 3rd party iOS .a static libraries by creating a .fx file using the .h header file.

I tried to import the MsgConnect.a static library and the associated .h header files into RemObject's Oxygene for Cocoa (iOS) using their FXGen header importer utility (part of the Crossbox OS X app) to generate an .fx file for the Oxygene project.

I learned from the developers at RemObjects that C++ is not supported nor are there plans to support C++ code in the future. It seems the application only imports static libraries written in objective-c.

Our objective is to write cross-platform common code using the MsgConnect libraries that will be shared in all three mobile platforms using Oxygene for .NET (WinRT and WinPhone), Oxygene for Java (Android) and Oxygene for Cocoa (iOS).

Does MsgConnect support Oxygene for Cocoa (iOS) (aka Nougat) and, if so, how may I use the MsgConnect libraries in Oxygene for Cocoa? If not, are there future plans to support Oxygene for Cocoa (iOS)? Thank you

Posted: 05/29/2013 13:40:35
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

Thank you for the interesting question. I don't think we will support Oxygene for iOS for a number of reasons. The best we can do is deliver iOS versions of C++ libraries of our products. These are consumable from Objective C applications.

I believe that it's RemObjects' best interest to support import of C++ libraries, cause many crossplatform libraries are written in C++ and only a small fraction of them is in C or Objective C. But RemObjects have their own (very special, I must admit) vision of the market, so it's up to them what to implement.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski



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