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Transfering huge data

Posted: 07/17/2008 11:14:43
by Developer Amit (Basic support level)
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After going through the FAQ, I came to an understanding that max messages size is up to 2GB - 1 in MsgConnect. But it also depends on various factors. But during message delivery it uses memory blocks up to 3 times larger than the message itself.

In a practical scenario of backing up huge data, say 1 TB, from one volume to another volume on the same machine or on a different machine within same LAN will MsgConnect provide any performance improvement. Can I transfer data continuously using MsgConnect APIs.

What if I am transferring (backup) the data over a WAN or Internet. What are the performance implication ?

MsgConnect says it supports message size up to 2GB, but then huge amount of memory will be required. Even if we decide the message size to be of some fixed size, say 10MB, will it guarantee better performance on data being transfered over a WAN ?

Any pointers or help on the above mentioned issue would be appreciated.




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