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SOLFS StorageEncryption Types

Posted: 01/22/2008 13:08:06
by Darryl Strickland (Basic support level)
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What are the advantages of using AES256_SHA256 versus AES256_HMAC256?

Are the two compatible?

I have files stored with the different AES256 settings and I can read any of them by using either of the settings above. I thought that it would not be possible to open a AES256_HMAC256 encrypted file using AES256_SHA256.

Is this a bug or how it should work?

Darryl Strickland
Posted: 01/23/2008 01:41:24
by Alexander Plas (Team)


AES256_SHA256 and AES256_HMAC256 are two different encryption schemes. AES256_HMAC256 was introduces in SolFS version 2 as more cryptographically strong. AES256_SHA256 now is supported only for compatibility with first version of SolFS. Any data encrypted with one of these schemes can’t be decrypted with another.

Please post here part of your source code where you is able to open encrypted file with different encryption scheme.



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