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.NET Directory.Exists on SolFS mouting point

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Posted: 08/30/2007 08:25:58
by Marc Vangrieken (Basic support level)
Joined: 08/30/2007
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I'm evaluating SolFS driver edition for a team-document workspace tool. Everything is working great, except for one little problem.

The application uses a .NET filesystemwatcher to monitor changes on the SolFS filesystem. This fails!

When I set the path property of the backgroundwatcher, I get an exception saying the directory (in this case the name of a SolFS mounting point like "K:\") is not valid.

This is because System.IO.Directory.Exists(..) returns false on a SolFS mounting point... With "C:\" or with CrossCrypt mounting points, this always returns true..

Is this a SolFS driver problem?
Posted: 08/30/2007 09:36:28
by Volodymyr Zinin (EldoS Corp.)


Please download the latest (beta) version of the product.
We have fixed some bug which could cause of this problem.



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