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SolFSStorage.open - Invalid parameter in function call - Win - Java

Posted: 01/21/2015 18:24:20
by Bryan Wisdom (Basic support level)
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I am evaluating SolFS (Application Edition) for use in one of our software products. The application we are writing has to be cross-platform so we are interested in using Java. I have received a trial key and have been trying to get a test working on Windows.
Here is what I have:

    SolFSStorage storage = new SolFSStorage();

"ELDOS_SOLFS_LIC_KEY" is a constant string containing the license key that I received in my email.
"SOURCE_FILE" is a constant string that is the absolute path to a file where the directory exists but the file does not exist yet.

Everything seems fine until I try to call "open" on the "SolFSStorage" object (as shown above), I get get the following exception:

eldos.solfs.SolFSException: Invalid parameter in function call
   at eldos.solfs.SolFSStorage.StorageCreate(Native Method) ~[eldos.solfs.jar:?]
   at eldos.solfs.SolFSStorage.create(SolFSStorage.java:766) ~[eldos.solfs.jar:?]
   at eldos.solfs.SolFSStorage.open(SolFSStorage.java:717) ~[eldos.solfs.jar:?]
   at com.example.jtest.JTest.TestSolFS1(JTest.java:61) ~[JTest/:?]
   at com.example.jtest.JTest.main(JTest.java:114) [JTest/:?]

Since I'm new to ELDOS SolFS, it is very possible I'm not setting something up right. Here is some more information; perhaps someone has an idea of what is going on.

OS: Windows 7 Enterprise x64
SolFS for Windows: 5.1.137
I'm using the "...EldoS\SolFS.App\Java\eldos.solfs.jar" file that came with the windows installer (SolFSAppSetup.exe) along with the 32-bit DLL "...EldoS\SolFS.App\Java\Windows\Win32\jnisolfs.dll".
Not sure if it matters, but I'm building this with Java 8 (1.8.0_25).

On another note, I noticed that the Linux x86 version of SolFS comes with a "libsolfs.a" and a "libsolfs.so" file but no .jar file. Is it possible for us to develop our software in Java for both Windows and Linux with your product? I would not think it would matter in Java, except for the syscalls or OS specific part of your product. In that case I would assume we would just link against different libraries when deploying. But I might be wrong.

Thank you very much for your time!
~ Bryan Wisdom
Posted: 01/22/2015 02:09:56
by Alexander Plas (Team)

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