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Crash in TStorageOpen when cleaning up after failure

Posted: 02/27/2014 07:00:59
by IT Purchasing (Standard support level)
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We use SolFs v3.2.0.95 in our product. We have a mini crash dump from Windows Error Reporting and the crash is in TStorageOpen. This crash happens when TStorageOpen has failed and the clean up code tries to delete any objects created earlier. In this case its trying to delete the root object. It does check that root pointer is not NULL which means it was created successfully but when it tries to acquire a critical section (Flock) in the root object it crashes as the critical section is now NULL. Due to lack of information in the dump we cannot look at the state of different objects to investigate this further. Is there any known issue that could be the cause of this? Is it possible for critical section creation to have failed during creation of the root object?



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