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Creating SolFSStorage (C++ API)

Posted: 10/25/2012 05:08:45
by Nikita  (Basic support level)
Joined: 10/25/2012
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I'm trying to create simple app with your library. I use SolFS.hpp/SolFS.cpp from samples.
I can't create storage, the code is :
SolFSWideChar ch('*');
SolFSStorage storage (L"helloStorage.st", true, 512,  true, true,  '\\' , &ch);

In constructor code, there is call to SolFSStorage::Create(), which creates storage if SolFSStorage::IsCB() returns true, which is impossible in this case (It checks existing of the callbacks, which are indeed not initialized). Do I get something wrong?
Posted: 10/25/2012 05:49:22
by Alexander Plas (Team)


Thanks for your information. It's an error, and will be fixed.

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