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How do I format SolFSWideChar on linux?

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Posted: 08/01/2012 18:23:48
by Rafal Grasman (Basic support level)
Joined: 07/31/2012
Posts: 6

well in the compilation process there were many errors about wchar_t * being unable to be used with SolFSWideChar * so I casted them.
And I couldn't use L"string" because it was giving me error too, just here:

#if defined LINUX
   SolFSWideChar storname[19] = {'S','C','R','I','P','T','F','I','L','E','S','-','V','F','S','.','S','T',0};
   if( !(access( "SCRIPTFILES-VFS.ST", 0 ) != -1) )
#if defined LINUX
      result = StorageCreate(storname, False, 512, NULL, &storage, '/', False, False);
      result = StorageCreate(L"SCRIPTFILES-VFS.ST", False, 512, NULL, &storage, '/', False, False);

//somewhere else

#if defined LINUX
   SolFSWideChar tempdir[6] = {'/','t','e','m','p',0};
   StorageCreateDirectory(storage, tempdir);
   StorageCreateDirectory(storage, L"/temp");

that, I think is not a nice way to define cross compatible code :S

and here is an example of how i want to get the filenames..

char * g_sz_tmp;
SolFSWideChar g_sz_wtmp[257];
SolFSLongWord g_amount_read = NULL;
static cell AMX_NATIVE_CALL n_FileOpen( AMX* amx, cell* params )
   Handle File = NULL;
   wstringstream xxx;
   xxx << g_sz_tmp;
#if defined LINUX

this code messes up, all write operations work, most of the read operations work except my ReadBlock function on linux. the problem is that all the filenames are 1 character long when I open the storage with SolFS Explorer (though the written data in the files is actually good).

So how would I code this for linux?
People are getting excited about this project :)

The windows version works perfect.
Posted: 10/08/2012 06:17:13
by Rafal Grasman (Basic support level)
Joined: 07/31/2012
Posts: 6

the projects is located at http://gpb.googlecode.com and is named "VirtualDiskStorage_V1_RC1.zip" in the download section. The linux version is stillfacing this problem and I would like to fix it but I don't know how.
Posted: 10/09/2012 02:59:44
by Alexander Plas (EldoS Corp.)


SolFS uses UCS2 aka UTF-16 encoding for almost all strings. This encoding is same as wchar_t type in Windows, but not in *nix. Various version of Linux and BSD based OS use UCS4 aka UTF-32 as encoding for wchar_t. In the next build of SolFS for Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS new function for string conversation will be introduced. You can use iconv functions for string conversation for now.



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