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SolFS - deleting files

Posted: 11/28/2006 05:45:11
by Jure Bogataj (Priority Standard support level)
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When deleting files from SolFS storage, file only gets marked as deleted, right? Files does not shrink (compact must be called), right?
Some questions regarding this behaviour:
- Is file only marked as deleted or is its actual contents filled with zero's (0) or some other byte?
- When file is deleted is this space marked as free or does new file, when storing inside storage (with a size smaller than the one deleted), gets appended at the end of SolFS storage or in the place of deleted file?

Thank you!

best regards,
Posted: 11/28/2006 06:29:39
by Alexander Plas (Team)


File deletion in SolFS actually delete (fill by zero) file meta-data (filename, data size, times, encryption and compression info, user tags), pages(sectors) taken by file data is only marking as free and will be used by next SolFS operations. Information on data pages is the same as before deletion. Compact performing automatically after file deletion if AutoCompact is set and free space in storage is exceed AutoCompact value (in percents). Compact performing only if exist no other activity on storage (any operations in other threads or open files in any thread).

Currently we have no special strategies for new pages (sectors) allocation. Free page with smallest number is used first for new files or information.



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