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Error when creating a storage in hard disk in callback mode

Posted: 09/27/2011 03:06:11
by Xuesong Wu (Basic support level)
Joined: 09/27/2011
Posts: 3

I am evaluating the SolFS OS edition.

I am trying to create a storage in my local hard disk in callback mode, and get the error 0x1f from the StorageGetInfo() function in line 317 of SolFSDrv.cpp with the following callstack:

> RcaSolFS.exe!CheckStorageResult(int StorageResult=0x0000001f) Line 84 C++
RcaSolFS.exe!SolFSStorage::Opened() Line 317 C++
RcaSolFS.exe!SolFSStorage::CreateCB(wchar_t * const fileName=0x0039ddb0, bool overwrite=true, long pageSize=0x00001000, wchar_t * const logo=0x004b8660) Line 368 C++
RcaSolFS.exe!SolFSStorage::SolFSStorage(wchar_t * const fileName=0x0039ddb0, bool overwrite=true, long pageSize=0x00001000, bool useTransactions=false, bool useAccessTime=false, wchar_t pathSeparator=L'\', wchar_t * const logo=0x004b8660, void * UserData=0x0039d348, int (void *, wchar_t *, void * *, char, char)* OnCreateFile=0x0043ade8, int (void *, wchar_t *, void * *, char *, char)* OnOpenFile=0x0043c792, int (void *, void * *)* OnCloseFile=0x0043cdeb, int (void *, void *)* OnFlushFile=0x0043b342, int (void *, wchar_t *)* OnDeleteFile=0x0043cec2, int (void *, void *, unsigned __int64 *)* OnGetFileSize=0x0043a190, int (void *, void *, unsigned __int64)* OnSetFileSize=0x0043a622, int (void *, void *, __int64, unsigned short)* OnSeekFile=0x0043aa78, int (void *, void *, void *, unsigned int)* OnReadFile=0x0043c774, int (void *, void *, void *, unsigned int)* OnWriteFile=0x0043ccec) Line 592 C++

Here is my code for creating the storage:

m_storage = new SolFSStorage(
true, /*overwrite*/
4096, /*pageSize*/
false, /*bool useTransactions*/
false, /*bool useAccessTime*/
_T('\\'), /*wchar_t pathSeparator*/
_T("MyLogo"), /*logo*/
(CallbackDataType)this, /*CallbackDataType UserData*/

I've implemented all callback functions using the MFC CFile class. I traced into the functions and they seem working correctly.

What is the meaning of the error code 0x1f?
Posted: 09/27/2011 07:26:19
by Alexander Plas (Team)


The error code 0x1F is the system error "A device attached to the system is not functioning". Have you installed the drivers? Have you passed the registration key before storage opening? Can you post here source code of your callback functions?
Posted: 09/27/2011 21:09:26
by Xuesong Wu (Basic support level)
Joined: 09/27/2011
Posts: 3

Thank you. I figured it out. Something is wrong in my OnGetFileSize() callback function.



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