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Corrupted storage problem

Posted: 11/06/2008 05:14:21
by Jure Bogataj (Priority Standard support level)
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I have corrupted storage, which I cannot repair using CheckAndRepair function. CheckAndRepair does not produce any errors (and it works quite long), but when I try to open storage after CheckAndRepair I get "Storage is corrupted" error. Tried 3 times.
The storage is 3,62GB, although it contains several small files (100-200).

The storage became corrupted when my network fell down, and Window reported "Write delay failed" on SolFS storage.

Can I do anything to repair this storage? Although this happened in test environment, I want to be sure that this will not happen in our production environment or if it happens to be sure that I can solve this kind of situation.

Best regards,
Posted: 11/06/2008 06:28:42
by Alexander Plas (Team)

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