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Strange Compact behaviour

Posted: 10/07/2008 07:37:57
by Jure Bogataj (Priority Standard support level)
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I've noticed strange compact behaviour. This is my Compact code:
sfStg := mcSolFS.TmcSolFSStorage.CreateOpen(sFileName);
if sfStg.Compact then
bCompactOK := True;
on E : Exception do
AddSolFSErrorLog(E, 'Compact', sFileName);
end; // try..except

This code did not compact my Storage File (size was cca. 12MB) and also no error was thrown (Compact returned TRUE). Size after calling Compact was the same. Using SolFSExplorer I've checked that storage contains no files. Using SolFSExplorer also Compacted the same file correctly.
When looking at SolFSExplorer's source code I've noticed that it reads DiskSize property before Compact. I've put that in my code also (just for display purposes; before-->after). Then I've noticed that my storage actually DID get compacted. Just by adding read of DiskSize property?!?

How can this be? Compact must work without using DiskSize property?

Best regards,
Posted: 10/07/2008 10:42:02
by Alexander Plas (Team)

Moved to helpdesk.



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