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StorageCompact bug?

Posted: 07/17/2008 19:01:15
by squaredotmatrix  (Basic support level)
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StorageCompact bug?

* Using SolFS Explorer, I create a storage:

File: C:\Program Files\EldoS\SolFS\test.st
Fixed size: 1 MB
Page size: 256
Logo: SolFS for Windows © EldoS Corporation

* I drag all files from "C:\Program Files\EldoS\SolFS\VCL\Samples\SolFSExplorer"

StoreProps.dfm Wizard.dfm SolFSExplorer.dpr About.pas Export.pas
FileProps.pas Import.pas ImportFile.pas Link.pas Main.pas
OpenStorage.pas Password.pas Progress.pas StorageEncryption.pas
StorageSelectFile.pas StorageSelectFolder.pas StoreProps.pas StrRes.pas
Wizard.pas SolFSExplorer.res About.dfm Export.dfm FileProps.dfm
Import.dfm ImportFile.dfm Link.dfm Main.dfm OpenStorage.dfm
Password.dfm Progress.dfm StorageEncryption.dfm StorageSelectFile.dfm

No compression, no encryption

* Check the Size (File > Property):

Used space: 561664
Free space: 486912
Capacity: 1048576

* Delete some files:

StorageSelectFolder.dfm Link.pas Password.pas About.pas Export.pas
Progress.pas Password.dfm Progress.dfm StorageEncryption.pas

* Compact the storage (Tools > Compact):

* Check the Size (File > Property):

Used space: -1099511068416 **** WORNG *****
Free space: 1099512116992 **** WORNG *****
Capacity: 1048576

I think the function StorageCompact() has bugs and it affects StorageGetSizes()
Posted: 07/21/2008 07:39:01
by Alexander Plas (Team)


Unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce your problem. Can you give me your storage file with all SolFSExplorer files inside and tell me which files should I delete to reproduce problem?



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