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Connection failed due to error (75778)

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Posted: 02/20/2008 03:55:25
by Peet Terluin (Standard support level)
Joined: 06/08/2007
Posts: 19


I've developed an ISAPI application that posts xml-questions and receives xml-answers
making use of TElHttpsClient.
Every now and then an exchange fails with error 75778.
However, most of the time, everyting works fine.

I've already contacted "the other side", but they haven't provided me with a possible
reason for this to happen. Maybe you have an idea what the error 75778 means?

My side: Delphi / Secure Blackbox VCL / Client/Server

The other side, gives these headers (when communication succeeds)
Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1
X-Powered-By: Servlet 2.4; JBoss-4.0.4.GA (build: CVSTag=JBoss_4_0_4_GA date=200605151000)/Tomcat-5.5

I do not think this is an bug or error of SecureBlackBox, but I'm still
trying to find the cause of this. I hope you can help.

With regards,

Peet Terluin
Posted: 02/20/2008 04:20:36
by Eugene Mayevski (EldoS Corp.)

When exactly does the error happen? Is it during handshake or during transfer?

Java has certain bugs in SSL/TLS implementation and this can be the reason. We will try to check interoperability with it after 6.0 release, but this takes time.

Please check what version of SSL/TLS protocol is used when the error happens (use Version property to find out). This will let us pay special attention to this version during testing.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski
Posted: 02/20/2008 08:12:11
by Peet Terluin (Standard support level)
Joined: 06/08/2007
Posts: 19


The error occurs, I think, during handshake.
"OnReceivingHeaders" is not executed and "Active" is false after the exception.

HTTPVersion := hvHTTP11;
Versions := [sbTLS1];

With regards,

Peet Terluin
Posted: 02/20/2008 08:15:29
by Eugene Mayevski (EldoS Corp.)

Active will be false in any case if the error happened.
Thank you for version information, this will help us reproduce the issue. I've added a todo item to the list.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski
Posted: 09/17/2013 04:29:34
by Kreissl Hogler (Priority Standard support level)
Joined: 09/16/2013
Posts: 24

Oh yes sorry. I thought its a BlackBox Code. The server was ok, but i had to restart the phone..

So its working partially now ;)

Open gets the right cert (i can see in OnCertificateValidate its the
correct CN now).

But the Open ends in this exception?

{SBSimpleSSL.EElSimpleSSLClientError: Connection failed (error code is 75778)
at SBSimpleSSL.TElCustomSimpleSSLClient.Open()
at De.Mms.Dbmm.Wp8.PhoneApp.Services.CertValidationService.SslConnect()}


Posted: 09/17/2013 04:40:40
by Ken Ivanov (EldoS Corp.)

Could you please check if the desktop application I sent to you works as expected (i.e. if it's a purely WP8 issue)?
Posted: 09/17/2013 04:43:16
by Kreissl Hogler (Priority Standard support level)
Joined: 09/16/2013
Posts: 24

I havent received any application yet? Did you send it via email?
Posted: 09/17/2013 04:52:23
by Ken Ivanov (EldoS Corp.)

Please see my reply in your Helpdesk ticket (#23688), - and let's continue the discussion there for convenience.
Posted: 09/17/2013 04:53:43
by Kreissl Hogler (Priority Standard support level)
Joined: 09/16/2013
Posts: 24

Oh sorry. can you please delete my offtopic posts here? I used the wrong tab to add my post
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