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No Dispose forTElSftpFileInfo and TEISftpFileAttributes

Posted: 06/06/2006 09:41:37
by Andrew Filby (Premium support level)
Joined: 05/16/2006
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We are using the .Net version of secure black box 4.4.89, to utilise the SFTP components.

We are also using MemoryProfiler2 from SciTech Software and have noticed that the TElSftpFileInfo and TEISftpFileAttributes objects always shown as being undisposed, but there is no dispose method on these objects !

We have tried using the free() method, but this does not seem to do anything.

Please could you let us know why these objects show as being undisposed and what we should be doing to clean them up.?

Posted: 06/06/2006 11:06:55
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Thank you for pointing us at this. We will implement the IDisposable interface for these classes in one of the future build updates.

Please consider using the Destroy() methods of the above classes until the IDisposable is implemented.



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