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Decoding S/MIME -> "Access violation" with DecodedPart.Stream

Posted: 12/17/2007 04:08:04
by Alexander Bauer (Standard support level)
Joined: 08/17/2007
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i've some trouble with DecodedParts.
The decoding works without any problems. But if i want to access
the Stream of decoded parts i get an "access violation", but not at all messages.

Messages only signed => No problem.
Messages only encrypted => No problem.
Messages signed and encrypted => Access violation!

I think i did something wrong, but i don't know what ?!

Here are some lines of my sample code:

// Loading the message
// FileStream will not freed!
ElMsg.ParseMessage(FileStream, '', '',
                   [mpoStoreStream, mpoLoadData, mpoCalcDataSize],
                   False, False, ActivatePartHandlers);


// Decoding the message
PartHandlerSMime := TElMessagePartHandlerSMime(ElMsgPart.MessagePartHandler);
PartHandlerSMime.CertificatesStorage := FDecoderCerts;
Res := ElMsgPart.MessagePartHandler.Decode(true);


// Try to access the decoded part stream
if assigned(ElMsgPart.MessagePartHandler.DecodedPart) then
  // The stream is assigned, but seem to be freed
  ElMsgPart.MessagePartHandler.DecodedPart.Stream.Position := 0;

Can you help me with that problem ?




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