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file encryption/decryption and compression/Decompression

Posted: 11/12/2007 02:13:30
by BOUHMADi Hicham (Standard support level)
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It's certainly an overkill but since I use secureBlackbox as an sftp implementation, I'd like to use it also for file compression/decompression and encpryption/decription.
Is there a class that allows that or a code snippet that you can post.
When looking in the classes avalailable, I've found: SBDES.Unit.Decrypt(in_buf, key, ref out_buf);
I think it's a too low api method and I don't see how I can use it.
Is there something else to use?

Thank you.
Posted: 11/12/2007 02:23:22
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

The answer depends on what techniques you want to use for encryption.

SFTPBlackbox includes PKIBlackbox package, which offers PKI-based encryption/decryption. To use such encryption you can use ElMessageEncryptor and ElMessageDecryptor classes. You will need to create and use a self-signed certificate with an associated private key.

If you want to use symmetric cryptography, you can use ElSymmetricCrypto* classes. Use, ElSymmetricCryptoFactory class to create an instance of encryptor or decryptor for the chosen algorithm, then use that instance to perform actual encryption/decryption.

As for compression, there are no classes that would do compression/decompression on a high level. You could potentially use PGP, but it includes compression as a complimentary operation when you use PGP encryption. BTW PGP also lets you do password-based encryption (i.e. without using PGP keys). So PGP would be the best if you want to use both encryption and compression.

For license and upgrade options please contact us using HelpDesk or send a mail to sales@eldos.com
Please note that SFTPBlackbox doesn't cover PGP functionality. You would need a separate license for OpenPGPBlackbox. This can be obtained either as an individual license (with 30% discount as you already have license for one of SecureBlackbox packages) or by upgrading your SFTPBlackbox license to SecureBlackbox Standard. Upgrade cost = sbb_standard_cost - cost_that_you_paid.

Please note that

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Eugene Mayevski



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