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XAdES encode (base64) content data of a <ds:Object/>

Posted: 06/12/2016 18:44:21
by Wieslaw Rudziewicz (Standard support level)
Joined: 05/16/2016
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I have tried "XML: Create enveloping signature - example "
It works fine .
public static void  SignXMLxades(TElXMLDOMDocument Doc, TElX509Certificate Cert)
           TElXMLKeyInfoX509Data X509Data = new TElXMLKeyInfoX509Data(false);
                 // Creating an instance of XML-DSig signer.
           TElXMLSigner Signer = new TElXMLSigner();
                 // Creating an instance of XAdES signer.
                 TElXAdESSigner XAdESSigner = new TElXAdESSigner();
                 // Setup XAdES processor
                 Signer.XAdESProcessor = XAdESSigner;
                     // adding a references. For example, adding a reference for a document element.
                     TElXMLReference Ref = new TElXMLReference();
                     Ref.TransformChain.Add(new TElXMLEnvelopedSignatureTransform());
                     Ref.URI = "";
                     Ref.URINode = Doc.DocumentElement;

                     // Setup Signer options.
                     // For example, using default ones: enveloped signature, RSA-SHA1 signature method and etc.

                     // Setup signer key data
                     X509Data.Certificate = Cert;
                     Signer.KeyData = X509Data;

                     // calculate digest value for references

                     // Filling XAdES info
                     // Setting XAdES version
                     XAdESSigner.XAdESVersion = SBXMLAdES.Unit.XAdES_v1_3_2;

                     // Place a code to setup Signed properties and Timestamp client
                     // [XAdES PLACE #1]
                     XAdESSigner.SigningTime = DateTime.Now.ToUniversalTime();
                     // Generating XAdES structure, specify desired XAdES form as parameter

                     // Generating signature structure

                     // Selecting a target node for the signature
                     TElXMLDOMNode SigNode = Doc.DocumentElement;
                     // Signing and saving signature
                     Signer.Save(ref SigNode);

                     // Place a code to extend XAdES form immediately after signing.
                     // Used, for example, if you want to specify own revocation info not auto collected one.
                     // [XAdES PLACE #2]


How to setup TElXMLSigner to get result- see attachment file

[ Download ]
Posted: 06/13/2016 08:47:58
by Dmytro Bogatskyy (Team)

Thank you for contacting us,

I’ve noticed there is no Support Access Ticket linked to your user account on EldoS site. Technical Support is provided to customers with the linked Support Access Ticket. You will find your Support Access Ticket together with all the details about how to use it in the registration e-mail that we’ve sent to you upon the purchase.

If you are evaluating the product and don't have a license yet, please let us know and then you can have support according to Basic support level. Basic support level includes answering basic technical questions that appear during product evaluation period. We also offer Premium support for a purchase from https://www.eldos.com/support/calc.php . You can use Premium Support to get higher level of assistance during your evaluation of our products.


How to setup TElXMLSigner to get result- see attachment file

If you have the xml document with the content that should be placed in the ds:Object, then you can create enveloping signature, for details please refer to:
Otherwise, you can create detached or enveloped signature and then create a custom object in the following way:
  TElXMLObject obj = new TElXMLObject();
  TElXMLDOMText ObjText = XMLDocument.CreateText('base64 data');
Posted: 06/14/2016 06:03:50
by Wieslaw Rudziewicz (Standard support level)
Joined: 05/16/2016
Posts: 4

OK Thank you for answer. I'm using evaluating product. I 've purchased Premium support - waiting for finalize and Support Access Ticket.
Posted: 06/15/2016 06:22:30
by Wieslaw Rudziewicz (Standard support level)
Joined: 05/16/2016
Posts: 4

I 've got support ticket joined to my account. Could I Get more explanation concerning my questions
Posted: 06/15/2016 06:33:27
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

I've moved the question to the helpdesk for detailed analysis.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski



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