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Distributed signing

Posted: 05/26/2016 16:14:57
by Manel Camps (Standard support level)
Joined: 04/11/2016
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I'm testing Remote Signing add-on and i can use Java applet but i can't use
de ActiveX option: When i select this option i go to the result page without the message that the file has been signed.

I have the SBDCSigner.ocs located at the ActiveX directory.

I'm testing with VisualStudio Launch application (localhost)

Any idea?.
Posted: 05/27/2016 02:40:07
by Alexander Ionov (Team)

Thank you for reporting this.

Could you please clarify what web browser do you use? ActiveX controls are supported only in Internet Explorer. So, if you use another browser, the control won't be loaded.

Best regards,
Alexander Ionov



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