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"Login required" error during upload of a large file to Google Drive

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Posted: 04/14/2016 06:24:24
by ntr1 (Standard support level)
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A number of users are reporting an error while uploading large files to Google Drive.

Our software uses the latest VCL version, 14, of CloudBlackBox.

After the software correctly authenticated and is sending the file, for example after 2 hours, the upload is aborted and the error message is "login required".

How is it possible the login is lost during the transfer? Is there any sort of keep alive (please consider we've set the keep alive property: KeepAlivePolicy := kapPreferKeepAlive)?

Can you reproduce this problem? I think you need at least a 10 GB file and an upload time of more than 2 hours.
Posted: 04/14/2016 06:45:41
by Alexander Ionov (EldoS Corp.)

Thank you for contacting us.

ntr1 wrote:
How is it possible the login is lost during the transfer?

I think the access token has expired. That's why the server reported "login required" error.

ntr1 wrote:
Can you reproduce this problem?

Sure, we'll check this.

Best regards,
Alexander Ionov
Posted: 04/14/2016 08:56:06
by Eugene Mayevski (EldoS Corp.)

This topic was discussed before, and there was no solution found back then - the token indeed expires within an hour and while it's possible to renew it (in another thread), the new token would be ok for new operations, while the current upload is regulated by the old token, which has expired. This is a limitation of Google Drive API, as it seems (either they didn't test this scenario or assumed that no people would upload large files on slow speed, I don't know).

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski
Posted: 04/15/2016 10:04:18
by Alexander Ionov (EldoS Corp.)

Unfortunately, I cannot confirm the issue. I've been uploading a file during 3 hours. The file has been uploaded successfully. No error was reported.

So, the reason is not in the session duration. There must be something else that causes the problem.

Best regards,
Alexander Ionov



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