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Automatic access to dropbox

Posted: 04/11/2016 06:22:21
by Romana Romandini (Standard support level)
Joined: 10/22/2013
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I have a problem with dropbox Delphi component.
After I've logged on successfully for the first time, I receive AuthToken and AuthTokenSecret.
When I try to connect again I use AppKey, AppSecret, authtoken and AuthTokenSecret;
next I call these: 1)StartAuthorization 2)GetAuthorizationURL() 3)RequestAccessToken()
but as result I have to do a new login and enable access to the dropbox.
How can I avoid to do a new login everytime and authorize access to dropbox permanently.
I need to connect it automatically after the first time.
Posted: 04/11/2016 06:58:22
by Alexander Ionov (Team)

Thank you for contacting us.

If you already have AuthToken and AuthTokenSecret values available, you don't need to call the authorization methods again.
Just restore the saved AppKey, AppSecret, AuthToken and AuthTokenSecret values and try to request any info from Dropbox, for example, request the account info. If this request succeeds, the token values seem to be valid yet and you can use them without a need to ask the user for new authentication.

Best regards,
Alexander Ionov



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