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Windows pop-up

Posted: 07/20/2007 12:15:01
by Tim Frost (Standard support level)
Joined: 07/20/2007
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When I use a certificate in the Windows certificate store (rather than an individual certificate in a passworded PFX) to sign an e-mail, I get a Windows pop-up notifying me that a program is attempting to access a private key. Is there a simple way for a user to disable this and permit my application to access the keys without user acceptance each time? This pop-up does not appear on subsequent accesses, but re-appears on the first access after the program has been restarted.
Posted: 07/20/2007 13:04:28
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

This popup window is shown by CryptoAPI, not by SecureBlackbox. To prevent it, you should add the certificate to system certificate storage with Protected parameter set to false. There's no way to change protection level for certificates that are already present in system storage (i.e., you should remove and re-add the certificate to change its protection level).



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