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System assigned local tunnel port number

Posted: 07/20/2007 08:44:34
by Charles Steaderman (Basic support level)
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I am using SBB V5 within my application to create a tunnel in order to encrypt a SQL Server connection. In order to avoid error checking the possibility of a hardcoded local port number already being in use, I would like to allow the OS to assign my local listening port. I have used the Simple Local Port Forwarding demo to accomplish this by setting up my tunnel and specifying port '0' as my forwarded port. By using Sysinternals Process Explorer, I can see that the application is listening on an unused port number (e.g. 1094) to which I can open and connect to the remote server. The problem is that I cannot seem to get the OS assigned port number of the tunnel. If I inspect the TElSSHLocalPortForwarding variable, the port number is '0' as I specified before the Open call, not the actually created socket's port number. Is there another SSH class that I could use to create the tunnel that will expose the underlying socket so that I can connect to the dynamically created port?

- Charlie
Posted: 07/20/2007 09:39:36
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

There's no such way at the moment. I've added an item to ToDo list to expose the bound port number value.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski



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