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Digitally sign pdf files from a web interface using client usb token

Posted: 02/22/2016 13:15:27
by Vicentiu Berneanu (Basic support level)
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We have a website where users can upload pdf files.
We store the files on the server.

We need to provide the website user a way to sign the files he uploaded using an usb token found on his machine.

This should be cross-browser compatible.

Can SecureBlackbox do this?

Thank you!
Posted: 02/22/2016 15:33:00
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

Given that both the document and the token reside on the client computer, the most obvious way is create a java applet (in browsers where the applets are disabled, you can use Java Web Start to run the applet as an out-of-browser application), and let this Java applet do the signing using SecureBlackbox. The token can be accessed via PKCS#11 interface and a JNI module that we provide for each major platform. On Windows the token can also be accessed via Windows Certificate Storage, and again via JNI.

The above model will not work on mobile devices, though, as they don't have Java support. On mobiles the only option so far is to use platform-native apps (we offer SecureBlackbox for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, so you won't have problems with this).

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski



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